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J’ne Shelton

Customer Relations / Housekeeper

J’ne Shelton is in charge of customer relations at Camp River Campground. She is also the main housekeeper at the campground.

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J’ne Shelton is both in charge of customer relations and is the main housekeeper at Camp River Campground. Whether she is greeting a guest or cleaning a cabin, J’ne is always doing her best.

J’ne Shelton is in charge of customer relations where she ensures guest satisfaction. With her warm and welcoming attitude, J’ne is committed to providing exceptional service to campers of all ages. She addresses any issues or concerns that may arise during guests’ stay, always striving to exceed expectations. Whether it’s assisting with reservations, answering questions about campground amenities, or resolving conflicts, J’ne approaches every interaction with professionalism and attentiveness. J’ne’s passion for hospitality shines through in her genuine care for each camper’s well-being and enjoyment while staying at Camp River Campground.

J’ne Shelton is an essential member of the Camp River Campground staff, serving as the main housekeeper. With meticulous attention to detail, J’ne ensures that every cabin is spotless and inviting for guests. Her dedication to cleanliness creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for visitors to enjoy during their stay. From fresh linens to sparkling bathrooms, she takes great pride in her work and goes above and beyond to exceed guest expectations. With J’ne at the helm of housekeeping, guests can rest assured that their accommodations will be nothing short of impeccable during their stay at Camp River Campground.

In her free time, J’ne likes to spend time with her kids. Whether it’s playing in the yard, baking cookies together, or reading bedtime stories, J’ne prioritizes creating special moments with her children.

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