Camp River Campground Alton Mo

Brandon Shelton

Manager / Boat Rental Chauffeur

Brandon Shelton is Camp River Campground’s manager and boat rental chauffeur.

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Brandon Shelton is the dedicated manager and boat rental chauffeur at Camp River Campground. In both roles, he does his work efficiently and effectively.

As the manager, he oversees all operations and ensures that guests have a pleasant stay by maintaining the grounds and overseeing the staff. With his friendly demeanor and extensive knowledge of the area, Brandon provides excellent customer service to campers. He is always looking for ways to improve the campground facilities, whether through upgrades or new recreational activities.

As the main boat rental chauffeur, Brandon takes pride in providing a memorable and enjoyable experience for campers who want to explore the nearby Eleven Point River. Brandon’s passion for the outdoors and dedication to customer service shine through in every trip he takes to the river. He prioritizes that all guests are safely transported to their desired destinations along the Eleven Point River. His comprehensive knowledge of the area’s roads and landmarks allows him to navigate routes with ease, making travelers feel relaxed during their journeys.

When not working, Brandon enjoys hunting, fishing, and being with his family. He is a passionate hunter, always on the lookout for new challenges and opportunities to test his skills. Whether at a lake or at a river, the rhythmic motion of reeling in a catch brings him a sense of peace and fulfillment. Apart from outdoor activities, Brandon cherishes spending quality time with his family. Bonding over shared experiences and making memories together fills his heart with happiness. The laughter and conversations shared during these moments create strong connections that he holds dear.

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